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Four Yoga and Fitness is the creation of a dream, intense training, and true passion! Located in Breese, IL, we are a family-owned and operated studio and fitness boutique that strives to provide an exclusive and individual experience for all of our students. We offer classes for people of every fitness level, whether it’s on your mat in a yoga class or getting your heart pumping on a trampoline.

We opened our doors in our small, hometown in October 2017. We expanded our team of knowledgeable fitness personnel to offer you 26 + classes per week in our newly remodeled space, featuring two studio rooms, a clothing boutique, and post-class amenities, including 2 showers.

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People who have yet to start a yoga practice may feel intimidated by what they perceive as yoga. Perhaps this is because they equate yoga only with the physical, outward aspect of yoga — the asanas (postures).  And if yoga is only about being able to contort and twist your body into these difficult postures, then yea, yoga can be pretty intimidating.  Others may feel intimidated by yoga because of their present life condition and feel like they need to get over certain things before they can begin to practice yoga.

The truth is that many people begin their yoga practice with deep rooted stress, trauma, neuroses, and addictions.  Over time and with continued practice, though, they find themselves letting go of these past burdens.  Why is that?  Simply because they find something they enjoy more — inner stillness and connection.

While yoga is our true passion, we also appreciate variety. In May 2018 we added rebounding classes to our growing schedule here at Four. This class is unique in that it is fun, high energy, AND not offered in the surrounding areas…unless of course you live in Chicago!

The health benefits or rebounding are also outstanding.

  • Improves coordination and motor skills: concentrating on numerous things at the same time such as bouncing, balancing, maintaining form, and anticipating the next move.
  • Improves bilateral motor skills (practiced by David Beckham for ball control and NASA astronauts to perform skillful activities with zero gravity).
  • Improves circulation and drainage of the lymphatic system and boost immune function. It is the only workout that directly works with the lymphatic system in the vertical dimension!
  • Low impact to the knees and joints while strengthening the body… the trampoline absorbs up to 80% of the shock while the floor and road absorb none.
  • Stronger bones and reducing the risk for osteoporosis by putting the bones under slight stress during the repetitive rebounding action, causing the musculoskeletal system to build up and improve bone mineral.
  • Just the right kind of sore!! Love Sarah's classes! I'd go 5 days a week if she offered them and if my schedule fit!! Clothes is already looser after 1 week!

    Michelle W. Four Sculpt
  • First time ever trying yoga and I can say it did not disappoint!! The studio is absolutely gorgeous and the owners are some pretty amazing women!

    Liz D. Four The Heat!
  • Every class has provided a great experience! It’s obvious that the instructors are comfortable in their own practice and that shows. I love the 5 AM classes! It starts the day off right!

    Anne R. Four The Heat!
  • I attended my first ever yoga class this evening. I was apprehensive about it as I am a beginner and wasn't exactly sure what to expect. I was blown away by how comfortable I felt when I walked into the studio and how welcoming everyone was! I never once felt judged or out of place. I really enjoyed myself and will be going back!

    Stephanie F. Warm Flow Four Everybody
  • Really enjoyed my first class at Four Yoga and Wellness! Loved the balance of providing good instruction without being too serious. I attended with two friends, and we felt the class was very welcoming and accommodating to all levels of yogis!

    Kim M. Warm Flow Four Everybody
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