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Flowing Four EveryBODY is a 60 minute vinyasa flow class connecting movement to breath. Class sequence varies by teacher and is sure to be a unique experience. Room temperature will be set between 80-90 degrees.


Four the Heat! is a 60 minute set sequence designed to strengthen muscles within the body and the mind. With a room temperature of 105 degrees, this class will allow you to stretch deeper into your yoga practice. Beginners and experienced yogis welcome!


Four the Heat, Flow! is a heated class that helps develop body and breath awareness and facilitates detoxification. The sequence varies by the teacher to keep you intrigued with whats to come with each class. It is sure to elevate your mood, clear your mind and advance your practice. Come Flow! Temperature may exceed 100 degrees.


Four Power is a 60-minute Vinyasa style class that takes place in a heated room. Temperature is set at approximately 95-98 degrees with added humidity to encourage sweating, detoxification and cleansing of the entire body. This class cultivates strength, focus and endurance. Open for all levels of experience!


Four Sculpting is an intense 45 minute cross training  workout using your own body weight and resistance bands.  This class is great to build strength, sculpt the body, and increase metabolic activity.



Four the Stretch takes place in a non-heated room and targets core muscles groups and connective tissues. It helps to release tension, prevents injury and promotes active recovery by increasing flexibility, joint mobility, and improving overall alignment.


Come experience your breath and clear your mind in a one-hour Restful Yin-based Class!In this Yin-based yoga class, we aim to deepen and direct our postures to target the connective tissues, fascia, ligaments and joints that are less frequently exercised. It serves as a compliment to the Yang styles of yoga, which are more dynamic and muscle focused. Four Rest offers the chance to be still, be present, and work within, while you breathe and stretch deeply and create more space in mind and body.

**Room temperature may fluctuate between 75-85 degrees due to seasonal changes**


Release stress and anxiety with this 1-hour Candlelight Meditation and Restorative Yoga class.  A consistent meditation practice calms the brain and central nervous system and is essential for balance of mind, heart and body.  In this practice, you are supported with props and mindfulness of breath to focus attention inward in a safe and relaxing way.  Restorative Yoga is especially therapeutic in treating chronic pain, fatigue, insomnia, anxiety and depression as well as many other alignments.  Join us on your mat to completely immerse yourself into deep relaxation of the body and mind.


FOUR Circle

This 30-minute HIIT class is jam-packed with bouncing fun on trampolines! FOUR rounds consisting of of 40 seconds of high-intensity, heart-pumping bouncing followed by 20 seconds of low-intensity bouncing to vary the heart rate throughout the class. The benefits of rebounding are endless, from lymphatic draining, to detoxification, to improved immune system, and so much more. Gain strength, endurance, and coordination in this super efficient, fun, fast-paced class!

FOUR Bounce

This 45-minute low-impact rebounding class is filled with sweat and fun! Gentle on joints, but high in intensity, this class will get your heart pumping, lymphatics flowing, and adrenaline rushing. The benefits of rebounding are endless, from lymphatic draining, to detoxification, to improved immune system, and so much more. Segments of cardio, choreography, and exercise combinations on the trampolines are interspersed with strength training sections using the trampoline and (optional) light hand weights. This class targets the whole body from the inside out, including major muscle groups such as legs, seat, arms, and core! The choreography for this class will remain the same for 1 month in each class with each teacher so you can learn more, improve, and see results!


Whether it’s to celebrate a bride to be, enjoy time with family and friends or getting creative with group date night, we’ll be happy to help organize a group yoga class. During these unique parties, there is time for socializing, de-stressing, and bonding.
Gather a minimum of 10 people for a 30-45 minute trampoline class or 45-60 minute yoga class followed by 30-45 minutes of mingling. The party organizer will receive $20 in Four Yoga Bucks in addition to $5 for every guest that purchases a 10 or 20 class card in studio that day. A $50 deposit is required upon booking. Email Four to book your group party today!


Four Yoga also offers individual private yoga sessions for students looking to go deeper in their practice, those nursing an injury, or those looking to learn more about personalizing their physical and mental practice. Private sessions can be held for 30-60 minutes depending on your needs. These sessions are typically limited to 1-2 individuals in order to allow time for YOU. Please email Four for additional information.
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