Sarah LoddekeInstructor

    Sarah’s fitness journey started when she discovered biking in 2016. She is a dental hygienist in Edwardsville and due to the back and neck aches that come along with her career she wanted to introduce yoga into her fitness journey… she joined FOUR yoga and wellness in August 2018, which happened to be a challenge month, so she tried every class offered and loved how amazing the trampoline classes made her feel! The trampolines take a few classes to feel “normal” on and if it wasn’t a challenge month she may have tried once and quit, but is now so thankful she stuck with it… It is the most entertaining cardio you will ever find! Outside of fitness and work, Sarah lives in Aviston with her husband, Eric Loddeke (who is amazing and goes to yoga with her #powercouple lol) and Maltese, Brodie.

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